August 1993

Our first season of concerts in Bloomington, Indiana, and as part of the BEMF fringe 1994

September 1997

Our first concert season in Seattle as Benevolent Order for Music of the Baroque

October 2013

20 years of innovative programs and 16 seasons in Seattle

The who, what, and why of Baroque Northwest

Baroque Northwest is made up of people who share a dedicated and progressive attitude towards performing music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. We're also challenge ourselves to play music from our own time in both the classical and vernacular traditions. These demands we make of ourselves help us to question the traditional canon of what historical performance practice should be, as well as what the traditional concept of a concert should be. We have fun with our concerts while never violating the integrity of the music (we show respect for the dead). We make our programs accessible to the general public with our pre-concert events. At the same time we keep them stimulating to our regular audience of early music aficionados with our detailed program notes and post-concert Q&A sessions. Our programs are given in a traditional classical music setting but we try to connect to the audience personally by speak directly and sometimes informally to the audience. Since the 2003-04 season we have been expanding our musical horizons with cross-genre concerts with different groups who play traditional music from around the world. The concerts are an opportunity to make historical connections between different peoples and musics. We also premier pieces written just for us. We've been featured on the NPR syndicated program Harmonia, performed at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, the Boston and Bloomington early music festivals, and given concerts in Israel, California, and the Midwest. We are a graduate of the Professional Affiliate program of the Early Music Guild. We've been part of the Washington State Arts Commission Arts In Education Program, with tours and residencies at schools in rural Washington. Over the years our programs have included everything from intimate chamber music, orchestral music with concerto soloists, sacred and secular music for chorus and orchestra, vocal a capella concerts, and staged baroque opera productions. We love music of all types and enjoy sharing it.